Lithicore Pulse 2 Bay Charger


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• Battery type recognition
• Fire-retardant material
• Over-discharge protection
• Overcharge protection
• Circuit protection
• Reverse polarity protection
• USB short circuit protection
• Power Bank Function

Pulse Charger is compatible with the Following batteries
Cylinder AA/AAA NiMH batteries and Nickel-Cadmium batteries


Input: DC 5V 2100mAh

Lithium Ion battery charging, discharging function

  1. Charging stop voltage: 4.20±0.05V
  2. Auto recharge threshold voltage< 4.10
  3. Low battery voltage< 3.4V
  4. Low battery protection voltage < 3.2V
  5. Lithium ion battery activation Voltage <3.0V
  6. Stable charging current: 2100mAh±10% while 1 slot is charging; 1000mAh±10% while both are charging.
  7. Charging activation current: 120mAh ±10%;
  8. Charging cut off current: 120mAh ±10%;

NiMH batteries and Nickel-Cadmium batteries charging function

  1. Constant-current charging: 1000mAh±10%
  2. Charging Voltage: <1.6V ±0.05V
  3. Voltage change: -20mV
  4. The longest charging time: Can be charged 2 more hours after when NiMH batteries reached 1.4V.
  5. Auto recharge threshold voltage<1.2V ±0.1V


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